Write Your Winning Dentist Cover Letter

professional dentist cover letterdentist cover letterIf you are looking for a new position then your application should be accompanied with a covering letter. Most recruiters will dismiss an application that is received without a covering letter without even bothering to read the resume as it indicates a lack of interest in the position. By not only failing to include a covering do you run the risk of being dismissed as a serious candidate you also fail to use an opportunity to sell yourself further? A well-written dentist cover letter allows you to showcase just why you would be an ideal candidate for the position. To make this goal easier you can just find some particular cover letter templates, for example, dental assistant cover letter.

An application that does not have a covering letter will often be dismissed out of hand by many recruiters as it shows a lack of interest in the position. It is also a missed opportunity if you want to boost your chances of being selected to interview. A well-written dental assistant cover letter can clearly show your suitability for the position and help ensure that your resume and other documents are given the time required to see you as an ideal applicant. However writing that killer cover letter is not always so easy, but you can start from some personal statement dentistry example.

What Should Your Dental Cover Letter Look Like?

A covering letter is not a complicated or lengthy letter. In fact, if you make it too long or cluttered it will probably not get read at all. Your letter should be less than a single side of a paper and should be written in a way that is easy to read. So use a 12pt font and ensure that you have adequate margins so that the page does not look cluttered. The format can be as any formal business letter.

The following is how the content should be structured within your letter:

  • Introduction: this needs to clearly state who you are and your interest in applying for the stated position.
  • The main body: this is the most important part of your letter and is your opportunity to showcase what you feel are the most important talents or qualifications that you have that make you an ideal person to fill the job.
  • Conclusion: this needs to state that you are the ideal candidate and thank them for their time and consideration. Also, inform them of your availability for interview and offer to follow up on your application.

Tips for Writing the Best Dentist and Dental Assistant Cover Letter

Your covering letter needs to be able to make an impact and to do that you need to ensure that you follow the following tips for writing an effective dentist cover letter:

  • Identify the specific skills, qualifications, and achievements that the job is looking for and highlight which you feel are the most important to the recruiter.
  • Identify how you specifically match those requirements.
  • Write the main body of your letter to show specifically how you meet the top 3-5 requirements.
  • Do not just repeat what is written in your resume.
  • Do not just state that you have a skill; if they value leadership skills give an example of where you used that skill and what the outcome was.
  • Do not highlight weaknesses or deficiencies in your application.

Once written make sure that your letter is error-free by careful proofreading. If possible have a third party review your letter for you.

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