Make Your Perfect Dental Residency

dental residencyApplying for and winning a place on a good dental residency is not going to be easy. Places are few and competition is very tough indeed. Your application will need to be capable of making you stand out from your competition.


While your grades and qualifications may already be set in stone there are a few things that you can still affect that can help with the success of your application:

  • Your dental residency personal statement
  • Your resume
  • Your letters of recommendation

By ensuring that these are written to perfection you can influence how well you are looked upon when it comes times to awarding those places.

How to Write the Best Dental Residency Statement or Purpose

Your statement of purpose or personal statement is a very important part of your application. It will allow you to clearly show the committee the depth of your interest in dentistry, your plans for the future and how well you are going to fit into their program. But writing it in a way that is going to get you noticed is not always easy. The following writing tips for your personal statement, however, will help, they also can be used for dental fellowship:

  • Always ensure that your opening line is attention-grabbing, you want them to want to read on to find out more. Do not, however, be overly dramatic.
  • Give your statement flow; it should read like an interesting story about you not as a list of facts.
  • Use words and language that everyone will understand; don’t try to be clever with your writing and use unusual words. Also never use acronyms or slang.
  • Avoid using other people’s words; don’t use quotations or clichés. Never copy anything.
  • Write about your plans for the future, your passion for dentistry, and your abilities; not about anyone else.
  • Be relevant, if it is not adding to your acceptance do not put it in your statement
  • Proofread and revise very carefully to ensure that you will not submit a statement that contains writing errors.

Writing an Excellent Resume for Your Dental Residency Application

Your resume should not be neglected when it comes to your residency application. You should never use a generic resume; you should always tailor your resume to the application so that it is carefully targeted to this specific application.

When writing your resume you should:

  • Ensure that it does not look cluttered
  • Use an easy to read 12pt font and avoid the use of fancy scripts
  • Never decorate your resume with borders or other graphics
  • Minimize the use of formatting, just bolding the section headings is sufficient
  • Use white space before each section to draw the reader’s eyes there
  • Ensure that the most important skills and qualifications that they are looking for are at the start of each section.
  • Proofread very carefully to avoid any errors

Also explore some dental school essay writing tips here.

Tips for Getting the Best LoR for Your Application

Your letters of recommendation need to be as positive as possible so the following are some easy to follow tips that will help ensure that you get the best letters from your recommenders:

  • Ask for a specific meeting with your recommender rather than ambushing them at the end of a lecture or in the street.
  • Accept “No” as an answer if they don’t feel able to provide you with a letter.
  • Provide them with the information that they need to write your LoR:
  • Details of your classes with them
  • Details of any achievements
  • Details of relevant extracurricular activities
  • Copies of personal statements and resume
  • List of your goals
  • Details of the program you are applying to

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