How to Write Personal Statement Dentistry: 3 Easy Ways

personal statement dentistryPlaces for dentistry programs are in very high demand and many applicants are disappointed every year. So if you want to gain a place you really do need to ensure that your application makes you stand out in every way. This is especially true for your admission essay dentistry which has got to be capable of really grabbing the attention of the reader and clearly showing them that you are ideally suited for both dentistry and the program that they offer. But don’t forget about your dental resume.

How Should Your Personal Statement Dentistry Be Structured?

If you want to ensure that you make the right impression you will need to ensure that your statement covers everything that they are looking for. They are looking to know why you want to be a dentist and what makes you uniquely suited to their program.

To cover this you must ensure that your application essay for dentistry will cover all of the following:

  • What got you interested in dentistry and why; you need to show a clear passion for following a career in dentistry.
  • What have you done to pursue your interests? Have you shadowed a practicing dentist or done any other relevant work experience?
  • What makes you ideally suited to pursue a career in dentistry? What skills do you have?
  • Why are you applying to this specific program? Specific courses? Expertise? Professors?
  • Where do you see your future career taking you?

How to Go about Writing Your Personal Statement for Dentistry

Writing an admission essay is not easy, you have to show just how you are different to everyone else and why it is that you should be selected. However, you don’t want to look too different either.

The following are three ways to approach your document writing:

  1. Tell a story; you need to get their attention right from the start and keep it. This is best achieved by approaching your statement more as a story about yourself than just trying to tie together a bunch of facts. Like any good story, you need to ensure that your story has an attention-grabbing first line and that it flows logically through to a clear conclusion.
  2. Try to get their attention in just 500 words or less. The more concise your writing is the more chance that you have of getting their attention. Ensure that everything that you write is highly relevant and is written in a way that gets quickly and directly to the point. Avoid excessive adjectives and writing any form of filler. But to ensure that you cover everything that they want to know about you.
  3. Avoid just writing a list of reasons and stating the obvious; “I am applying to your school because I want to be a dentist..” followed by a list of reasons and skills is not going to differentiate you from the other applicants and is not going to get the attention of the reader. Don’t use template personal statement dental school phrases.

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