Dental School Application Timeline for 2016-2017

dental school application timelineJust like any other school, dental school applicants are tasked with the role of applying before getting considered. The application process is quite time-consuming hence candidates should have proper planning to ensure they meet the set deadlines. You should prepare dental school letter of recommendation and personal statement. Here is a look at the dentistry application timeline for 2016 -2017.

Dental School Timeline

The following is the dentistry timeline that will help you plan for your 2016- 2017 admissions.

dental school timelineSeptember – December 2015; Candidates should familiarize themselves with the application procedure. Applicants should also get involved in dental health-oriented experiences/activities.

dental school timeline January – March 2016;January – March 2016; Applicants should request for their letters of recommendation either from already practicing dentists or the faculty.

dental school timelineApril – June 2016; candidates should apply and sit for the dental assessment test (DAT), candidates should note that this is an entrance exam. The AADSAS application is open at around June 1st applicants should directly contact them in case they require further clarification; recommendation letters should also be attached with this application.

dental school timeline July – September 2016July – September 2016; applicants complete their secondary applications. Those who did not score minimum required points in their DAT should ensure they retake.

dental school timelineSeptember 2016 – spring 2017; during this cycle.

dental school timeline continue submitting their secondary applicationsApplicants should continue submitting their secondary applications.

dental school timeline Applicants get to sit for their interviewsApplicants get to sit for their interviews.

dental school timelineApplicants get notified of their acceptances beginning December 1st, other applicants may receive their acceptances on a later date. Applicants should keep contact with the institution to know their admissions status

dental school timeline Fall 2017Fall 2017; commence dentistry school.

A Piece of Dental School Timeline Advice from Our Experts

The dentistry committee only reviews complete applications. Applicants should ensure they not only complete the application but also present other supporting documents before the deadline for each application process cycle. You should know how to write a personal statement for dental school and other papers. Candidates should also take the DAT seriously for passing this test is a key element in getting considered.

Offer of Help in a Subtle Way

Applicants looking to apply for dentistry school and find it a challenging task can reach us for expert advice on the application process; that will almost guarantee you get that slot in your dream.

Here useful tips for you:

A list of tipsPlan ahead.

Complete each step on time.Complete each step on time.

A list of tipsResearch on dental programs.

Take and pass your DATTake and pass your DAT.

A list of tipsHave good letters of recommendation.

Get professional advice.Get professional advice.

A list of tipsUnderstand the various financing options.

Take required courses.Take required courses.

A list of tipsAsk follow-up questions during the interview

Have all your original transcriptsHave all your original transcripts.

A list of tipsProofread your application.

Develop your hand skills.Develop your hand skills.

A list of tipsStay out of trouble.

Pay your application fees on timePay your application fees on time.

A list of tipsFollow the application instructions provided in each cycle.

Have the application process money set asideHave the application process money set aside?

A list of tipsHave good grades.

Prepare for the interviewPrepare for the interview.

A list of tipsHave a working email address for easy communication.

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