9 Tips for Your Dental Resume Writing

dental resumeWhen you make your application you will need to make an immediate impact with your resume if you want to get invited to interview. Resumes are rarely studied for long periods; most recruiters will just review them for as little as 30 seconds and if they do not see what they need to see in that time your application will be discarded. So learning how to write a resume for dentist applications is very important if you want to be selected. But keep in mind that you have to add a dentist recommendation letter to your CV.

Tips for Writing Your Dental Resume

The following are some simple tips to help you when writing your resume for your dental application:

  1. Ensure that you fully understand what they are looking for and tailor your resume accordingly. A resume that specifically targets a position is many times more effective than a generic resume sent to every possible job available. Carefully review any job adverts, websites and any other information you have.
  2. Put the most important information that they are looking for at the start of each section so that it is seen first when the recruiter reviews your resume.
  3. Ensure that what you include is relevant, if your teenage work experience was not related to dentistry and will not add to your chances of success you should leave it out of your resume so that you do not clutter it with unnecessary information.
  4. Break up your resume with clear white space; a clear white space will draw the eye of the reader and help you to ensure that they look where you need them to look. A blank line or two before each relevant section will help ensure that they start reading where you want them to.
  5. Use a font that is very easy to read such as Arial or Times New Roman; use a 12 point font and ensure that your page has margins that are at least an inch all around. Avoid any use of flowery scripts that are difficult to read.
  6. Do not overdo your formatting; excessive use of bold or italics will generally detract from the message that you want to convey and may actually confuse a reader. Stick to just bolding the section headings to make it clear where they start and what they contain.
  7. Never decorate your resume; there is no need for fancy borders, dividers between sections or any other form of decoration; this is a dental resume not an application to art school.
  8. Use clear examples to back up your skills and achievements. Where possible provide figures to back up what you have achieved.
  9. Never allow errors to remain in your resume when you submit it; always carefully proofread what you have written and if possible have a third party check it for you.

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