7 Tricks in Writing Dentist Recommendation Letter

dentist recommendation letterIf you want to gain a place to study dentistry then you are far from alone. There are many applicants and only a very few places that are available to your application really does need to be outstanding. A letter of recommendation for dentist application is a vital part of your application and being able to get one that is going to help you gain a place can be far from easy. Your application will require between 2 and 4 letters depending on the program that you are applying to and you will need to ensure that you select who writes your letters very carefully if you want them to be effective. But writing a personal statement for dental school is also one of the most important parts.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Recommendation Letter for a Dentist

The following will help you to ensure that your letters of recommendation are written in a way that is going to help to get you noticed. Typically you will need to ensure that you select the right person and ensure that you provide them with the information that they need to write your letter. Alternatively, many professors and tutors may choose to “co-author” your letter and will ask you to write your letter which they will then edit and approve with their signature to save them time.

The following tips will help you with both situations:

  1. Ensure that you understand how many letters of recommendation that you will require and who should provide them prior to requesting your letters.
  2. Always select your recommenders carefully so that you can be sure that they will provide you with a positive letter. Do not just waylay them in the corridor or after a lecture, arrange to meet them formally and ask them politely to provide you with the dentist recommendation letter that you need.
  3. Accept “No” for an answer, if someone declines your request to provide a LoR, do not pursue them. They will obviously have reasons for not providing you with your requested letter and badgering them is not going to help you to gain a positively written letter.
  4. Ensure that you ask with plenty of time to spare and provide the recommender with a clear timetable and any other requirements such as how the letters should be provided.
  5. If they agree to write your letter of recommendation ensure that you provide them with all of the relevant information that they will need to help write your letter:
    1. List of what classes they have taught you in
    2. List of your grades and achievements
    3. Relevant extracurricular activities that you have undertaken
    4. Details of any shadowing that you have done or relevant work experience
    5. Your resume and personal statement is available
    6. Details of your future career plans and ambitions
    7. Details of the specific dental programs you are applying to
  6. If you have been tasked with “co-authoring” your own dentist recommendation letter then ensure that you fully understand what your letter should cover and how it should be written:
    1. It should be in a formal business style on headed paper
    2. Your opening paragraph should clearly state who the letter is for and that they are being recommended to study dentistry.
    3. You should then establish your own credibility as the recommender and show how it is that you know the student.
    4. You need to clearly show the students personal skills with regards to things such as team working, their character, and general attitude.
    5. Provide your opinion as to whether they have the skills to succeed in the program that they are applying to.
  7. Ensure that the letter is error-free, errors in writing can seriously detract from what is being said within the letter so always ensure that the letter is carefully proofread prior to submission. And don’t forget to check your dental personal statement.

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